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TV and Film Shoot Equipment Supplies for Hire

We’ve made it easy by putting all your essential TV and film shoot supplies for hire all in one place.


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  • Red Rad Rhino Heater

    An industry icon

  • Ceramic Heater-0

    Ceramic Heater

    Indoor electric heater

  • K9 Battery Light-0

    K9 Battery Light

    Includes charger

  • High Vis Vest -0

    Hi Vis Vest

    Safety on the streets

  • Hard Hats

  • Ear Defenders-0

    Ear Defenders

    Protective & comfortable

  • Indoor Location Matting Runner-0

    Indoor Location Matting Runner

    0.85 x 1.5 m

  • Story Board/Pin Board

    Story Board/Pin Board

    120h x 150w cm

  • Laptop Stand-0

    Laptop Stand

    For work on the fly

  • Ecoblast Rechargeable Air Horn-0

    Air Horn (Eco Blast)

    115 dB

  • Five Tread Step Ladder-0

    Step Ladder (5 Step)

    Reach height roughly 2.3 m

  • “Caution Filming” Sign

    May cause curious spectators

  • Camera Tape-0

    Camera Tape

    Handy on-set tape

  • Hand Held Microphone-0

    Handheld Microphone

    For Motorola GP340 Radios

  • Small Trestle Table-0

    Small Trestle Table

    4 x 2 ft trestle

  • Posing Stool

    Adjustable height

  • Posing Table-0

    Posing Table

    Adjustable Height

  • Professional Dust Mask-0

    Professional Dust Mask


  • First Aid kit-0

    First Aid Kit

    Standard HSE First Aid Kit

  • Fire Extinguisher - CO2-0

    Fire Extinguisher – CO2

    2 kg

  • Fire Extinguishers – Powder


  • Fire Extinguisher - Wet Chemical-0

    Fire Extinguisher – Wet Chemical

    3 ltr

  • Fire Extinguisher Stand

    Fits 2 extinguishers

  • Fire Extinguisher - Water-0

    Fire Extinguisher – Water 6ltr

    6 litres

  • Fire Extinguisher - Foam-0

    Fire Extinguisher – Foam

    6 litres

  • Fire Blanket-0

    Fire Blanket

    Health & Safety comes first

  • Rope & Post Barrier-0

    Rope & Post Barrier

    Perfect for events & front of house

  • Tensa Barrier

    Tensa Barrier

    2.30 meter ribbon

  • Traffic Cone -0

    Traffic Cone

    Heavy duty & lightweight options available

  • Safety Glasses-0

    Safety Glasses


  • Beach Cart (Light)

    Make life easier

  • Beach Cart

    Make life easier.