Sustainability Policy

GSH are committed to sustainable development (meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs), as a guiding principle for our organisation. Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of this commitment. Our aim is to reduce in all ways possible the impact on the environment from our operations. Our policy has been strongly influenced by AdGreen, Albert, Sunbeam Studios and Zero Waste Living Principles.

Our Action Plan

Refuse – what we don’t need

  • We do not purchase products in plastic that we can get in other packaging
  • We do not repackage items in plastic that we can pack in a re-usable or biodegradable option
  • We request packaging from clients is considered responsibly before sending, especially when using polystyrene


Review – each product we hire out

  • How does it arrive in the warehouse, how is it looked after, cleaned, kept and then how is it disposed of at the end of it’s life


Reduce – sales in landfill bound products

  • We continue to create and develop viable alternatives to reduce the purchase of plastic products bound for landfill
  • We promote water coolers as an alternative to plastic bottles
  • We actively reduce sales of Correx by promoting and offering Ramboard and Location Matting as suitable sustainable alternatives
  • We only supply compostable cups, never plastic or polystyrene


Reuse – This is what we do! Hire, don’t buy


Rehome – what we can’t reuse

  • Freecycle and ebay are our friends; when our products get a bit tired and don’t meet GSH’s quality control anymore, but still have something to give, we try to find it a new home, where it can continue to do it’s job
  • We encourage productions to use City Harvest and other food re-homer collections


Recycle – what we can’t rehome


Replace – for the better

  • Our new Nestor mirrors are built with LED technology
  • Our Hollywood mirrors use LED technology
  • Ramboard and water coolers replace Correx and water bottles
  • By offsetting the carbon we use, we aim to mitigate our carbon footprint
  • By using 100% renewable electricity we know our energy is sustainable


Relief – for those creating change


Repay – the loyalty of our customers

  • Having made their own films, Paul and Bryony understand how hard it can be to get your special project made. We’re happy to help anyway we can.