Art Dept & SFX

Art Department and Special Effects Supplies

Hire art department and special effects supplies with same day and next day delivery available, including packing crates, beach carts and handheld leaf blowers to ladders, apple boxes and exterior smoke machines.


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  • Disposable overall-0

    Overall – Large

    Type 5/6 PPE

  • Rain Tent (Large)-0

    Rain Tent – Large

    3 x 6 m Black or White

  • Blue Roll (x6 Pack)-0

    Blue Roll (6 pack)

    High quality 3 Ply

  • Blue Roll-0

    Blue Roll

    Singular Roll.

  • Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    Pack of 100. 

  • Tape – Barrier Tape 2″


  • Glass Oven-0

    Glass Oven

    Time lapse heaven!

  • Standard Trestle Table-0

    Standard Trestle Table

    6ft Lifetime

  • K9 Battery Light-0

    K9 Battery Light

    Includes charger

  • Packing Crate-0

    Packing Crate

    Taking your kit from A to B since day one

  • Bubble Wrap-0

    Bubble Wrap

    75cm x 100m

  • 8 Rung Combination Ladder-0

    Zarges Ladder – 8 rung

    Combination Ladder

  • 12 Rung Combination Ladder-0

    Zarges Ladder – 12 rung

    Combination Ladder

  • Three Tread Step Ladder-0

    Step Ladder (3 Step)

    Reach height roughly 2 m

  • Five Tread Step Ladder-0

    Step Ladder (5 Step)

    Reach height roughly 2.3 m

  • Step Ladder (8 Step)

    Reach height roughly 3.15 m

  • Camera Tape-0

    Camera Tape

    Handy on-set tape

  • Safety Glasses-0

    Safety Glasses


  • Beach Cart (Light)

    Make life easier

  • Beach Cart

    Make life easier.

  • Judo Mat-0

    Judo Mat

    4 cm thickness

  • Crash Mat-0

    Crash Mat

    8ft x 4ft x 1ft

  • Hazard Tape-0

    Tape – Hazard Tape 2″

    Tough & adhesive

  • Apple Boxes (Set of 9)-0

    Apple Boxes (Set of 9)

    The possibilities are endless

  • Chin / Arm Rest-0

    Chin / Arm rest

    Fits most types of grip stands

  • Centre Folding Trestle Table

    Collapse, fold & go!

  • Round Trestle Table-0

    Round Trestle Table

    For dining and everything else

  • Correx-0


    Not great for our planet.

  • Floor Fan-0

    Floor Fan

    A heatwave necessity

  • Exhibition Tape-0

    Exhibition Tape

    5 cm x 50m

  • Masking Tape-0

    Masking Tape

    1" & 2"

  • Shoe Covers

    Pack of 100