Art Dept and SFX Consumables

For any shoot, there’s always some bits of kit that can’t be hired and just have to be bought instead. This includes blue roll, eco roll, bubble wrap and floor protection, and all types of tape including camera tape, masking and hazard tape, as well as barrier, gaffer and parcel tape.


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  • Disposable overall-0

    Overall – Large

    Type 5/6 PPE

  • Blue Roll (x6 Pack)-0

    Blue Roll (6 pack)

    High quality 3 Ply

  • Blue Roll-0

    Blue Roll

    Singular Roll.

  • Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    Pack of 100. 

  • Tape – Barrier Tape 2″


  • Bubble Wrap-0

    Bubble Wrap

    75cm x 100m

  • Bubble Wrap – White Paperble Roll

    760mm x 50m

  • Bubble Wrap – Honeycomb Paper Roll

    500mm x 250m

  • Camera Tape-0

    Camera Tape

    Handy on-set tape

  • Safety Glasses-0

    Safety Glasses


  • Hazard Tape-0

    Tape – Hazard Tape 2″

    Tough & adhesive

  • Correx-0


    Not great for our planet.

  • Exhibition Tape-0

    Exhibition Tape

    5 cm x 50m

  • Masking Tape-0

    Masking Tape

    1" & 2"

  • Shoe Covers

    Pack of 100

  • Rubber Matting-0

    Rubber Matting

    Ideal for laying over small cables

  • Camouflage Tarpaulin-0

    Camouflage Tarpaulin

    3.5 x 5.4 m

  • Blue Tarpaulin-0

    Blue Tarpaulin

    3.6 x 5.4 m

  • Sash Cord-0

    Sash Cord

    10 metres

  • Clear 50mm Tape-0

    Tape – Clear Tape 2″

    Nothing fancy, just good tape

  • Tape – Parcel

    2" x 66m

  • Clear Recycling Bags

    100% recycled

  • EcoNatural Paper Roll-0

    EcoNatural Roll

    The non-blue roll

  • Dust Sheets-0

    Dust Sheets

    3.6 x 2.4 m