Health & Safety

Health and Safety Control Equipment for Film and TV Shoots

Whatever the size of the shoot or the size of the budget, every TV or film production will have a risk assessment in order to create a safe and secure environment for your cast and crew. And that means buying in or hiring a range of health and safety PPE equipment such as hard hats, crash mats, fire extinguishers and hi vis vests. And if you don’t have a medic on set, we’ve got those all-important first aid kits too.


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  • Disposable overall-0

    Overall – Large

    Type 5/6 PPE

  • Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    Pack of 100. 

  • Tape – Barrier Tape 2″


  • High Vis Vest -0

    Hi Vis Vest

    Safety on the streets

  • Hard Hats

  • Ear Defenders-0

    Ear Defenders

    Protective & comfortable

  • First Aid kit-0

    First Aid Kit

    Standard HSE First Aid Kit

  • Fire Extinguisher - CO2-0

    Fire Extinguisher – CO2

    2 kg

  • Traffic Cone -0

    Traffic Cone

    Heavy duty & lightweight options available

  • Safety Glasses-0

    Safety Glasses


  • Judo Mat-0

    Judo Mat

    4 cm thickness

  • Crash Mat-0

    Crash Mat

    8ft x 4ft x 1ft

  • Hazard Tape-0

    Tape – Hazard Tape 2″

    Tough & adhesive

  • Heat Reflective Emergency Blanket-0

    Heat Reflective Emergency Foil Blanket

    215 x 150 cm

  • Wet Floor Hazard Warning Sign-0

    Wet Floor Hazard Warning Sign

    Bright Yellow

  • Rubber Matting-0

    Rubber Matting

    Ideal for laying over small cables

  • Cable Ramp-0

    Cable Ramp

    Instant cable protection