Location Lighting

On Location Lighting Systems

Get Set Hire provides event lighting supplies and on set location lighting for TV and film productions in all shapes, sizes and brightness, and for all different types of uses.


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  • Rain Tent Light-0

    Rain Tent Light

    Keeping things bright (and not breezy)

  • Lighting Tower Hire

    Tower Light

    Adjustable 3.5m 3600 floodlight

  • Solaris Pro Light (K9 type)

    Up to 48 hour battery life

  • K9 Battery Light-0

    K9 Battery Light

    Includes charger

  • Galaxy Pro (Mini – K9 type)

    Adjustable light angle to suit any needs

  • Twin Head LED Work Light

    Height adjustable twin head

  • Defender Work Light-0

    Defender Work Light

    All-round lighting solution

  • Single Head Work Light-0

    Single Head LED work light

    12 w LED light

  • Desk Lamp-0

    Desk Lamp

    Colours: Red/White/Black

  • Table lamp-0

    Table Lamp

    Cosy table lamp

  • Floor Lamp

    Soft glow bulb included

  • LED Bench Worklight -0

    LED Bench Work light

    with Magnifier