Client Area & Green Room

Client Area and Green Room Supplies for TV and Film

We provide client area and green room supplies for TV and film shoots across the UK including large furniture items such as sofas, TVs and massage tables through to lamps, fridges and coolers.


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  • Large Sofa-0

    Sofa – 3.5 Seater

    Smart 3 seater sofa

  • Medium Sofa-0

    Sofa – 2 Seater

    Dapper 2 seater sofa

  • Single Armchair-0

    Arm Chair

    Stylish armchair

  • Nespresso Pods-0

    Nespresso Pods

    Box of 10 pods

  • Nespresso Coffee Machine-0

    Nespresso Coffee Machine

    Includes Milk Frother

  • Grind – Compostable Pods – House Blend

    Pack of 10 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible.

  • Grind – Compostable Pods – Decaf Blend

    Pack of 10 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible 

  • Curtain System/Room Divider-0

    Curtain System / Room Divider

    Also known as Pipe & Drape

  • Water Cooler-0

    Water Cooler (Table Top)

    Your eco-friendly water supply

  • US & Canada Extention Lead-0

    US & Canada Extention Lead

    6 - way extension lead

  • Microwave Oven-0

    Microwave Oven

    34 cm turn table

  • Cool Box

    Large cool box with wheels

  • Table Cloths-0

    Table Cloths

    Available in black and white

  • Toaster 4 Slot

    2 & 4 slice available

  • Bose Speaker-0

    Bose Speaker

    SoundTouch 20

  • Office Chair-0

    Office Chair

    Ideal for the PM on set

  • Centre Folding Trestle Table

    Collapse, fold & go!

  • Small Centre Folding Trestle Table

    Collapse, fold & go!

  • Round Trestle Table-0

    Round Trestle Table

    For dining and everything else

  • Paper Cups (50 pack)-0

    Paper Cups

    100% compostable

  • Mini Drinks Fridge-0

    Mini Drinks Fridge

    Perfect for client areas

  • Pump Flask-0

    Pump Flask

    5.0 litre pump action dispenser

  • Cafetiere

    Serves 8 cups, 1 litre

  • Rug-0


    170 x 240 cm

  • 32" Smart TV-0


    HDMI cable included

  • Desk Lamp-0

    Desk Lamp

    Colours: Red/White/Black

  • Bottled Water-0

    Belu Bottled Water

    24 x 500 ml

  • Jug, Glasses & Tray-0

    Glass Jug, 6 Glasses & Bar Tray

    Perfect for client areas

  • Waste Paper Bin-0

    Waste Paper Bin

    Eats rubbish

  • Massage Table-0

    Massage Table

    Sturdy and portable

  • Table lamp-0

    Table Lamp

    Cosy table lamp

  • Floor Lamp

    Soft glow bulb included