What We Value

Our Planet

We are committed to sustainable development (meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs) as a guiding principle for our organisation. Concern for the environment is an integral and fundamental part of this commitment.  Above all our aim is to reduce the impact on the environment from our operations. Most importantly we are committed to being carbon neutral by 2023. We use 100% renewable electricity and in 2019 the carbon emissions of the entire company operations were off-set.  But that is just the beginning, for more details check out our Sustainability policy here.

Offering sustainable solutions


Proud to be an Albert supplier, we are always on the lookout for more sustainable alternatives to current industry norms. We were the first in our industry to provide Ram Board, a sustainable solution to temporary floor protection and by promoting and providing water coolers instead of individual bottles, we have helped save over 300,000 plastic water bottles from going in the bin!

As the vast majority of what we do is hired for use again and again very little gets thrown away however there are some places where we can all make a difference by choosing a greener alternative…


The quiet alternative to a genny – Voltstack is a battery power solution for safe, reliable power for productions of all sizes. Perfectly suited to powering the whole production office with items such as laptops and printers.  It will provide 5kW of power for 1 hour, or 500W for 10 hours of continuous use and can be recharged in around 2 hours. There are countless ways these new batteries are providing on set solutions…handy for powering LED work lights, fans, fridges and freezers for the entirety of your shoot. Power where you need it without difficult cable runs, or silent when you need that too for those super early starts on a residential street!  Charged in the Get Set building with 100% renewable energy!

Reusable Face Masks

Covid has presented new challenges and we all know it is only a matter of time before single use face masks are going to be the next environmental disaster. After a lot of research and trials we have discovered and now stock the best reusable face mask on the planet – the fabric can actually kill the virus, see the incredible new Copper Clothing Respirating Face Mask here.

Ram board

Made from 100% recycled card this is a credible alternative to Correx – it’s especially quick for covering large areas. Order with its own 100% recyclable seam tape.

Water coolers

Hire a water cooler for your tea table and each 19 litre water bottle will eliminate the need for 38 “single use” plastic bottles on your shoot! PM’s often now insist that crew bring their own refillable water bottle to use. Each 19 litre bottle is reused an average of 10 times before being recycled itself saving 380 individual bottles from being used. We supply Belu water, thereby supporting wateraid.

Paper Cups & Glassware

We supply compostable cups and glassware to help reduce plastic usage even further.

Story Board/Pin Board-0

Pin Board

We all know that every piece of polystyrene is going to outlast humanity by a bizzilion years, use just one less sheet on your shoot by hiring a reusable pin board for your story board.

Indoor Location Matting-0

Indoor Location Mats

Protect your location with these sustainable, reusable mats. Easy to put down and far superior to Correx.

Grass Protection Mats

How do you protect the grass under that agency rain tent in the back garden? Correx or tarpaulin end up in the waste pile at the end of the shoot. Grass protection mats come back to GSH to be hosed down and sent out again and again.

Recycling Bin-0

Separate Waste Bins

Every shoot is unique and will have its own method for disposing of its waste at the end of the day. One thing is certain though; whatever goes in a black bag goes straight into a landfill. Give your waste the chance of being recycled by separating the clean plastic and paper into clear plastic bags. We can supply a double bin set and the signage to help crew determine what goes where.

Nespresso Recycling

Did you know you can return your used Nespresso Pods to us for recycling? Just pop them in the bag that comes with your machine.

For more great ideas on how to improve the sustainability of your shoot visit the AdGreen website.

Our People


At Get Set Hire we believe in investing in our people. A company is nothing without it’s employees and at Get Set we have assembled an impressive bunch who really care about getting your job done.

Get Set Hire is proud to be a Real Living Wage employer, we pay above the real living wage because we value all our employees and want to ensure everyone earns a wage that actually meets the cost of living, rather than the Minimum Wage which doesn’t – especially in London!

We offer a range of benefits to support our team from additional leave, private health care, an extended sickness benefit and a company performance bonus scheme. We actively encourage every team member to progress their Personal Development with training and support.