Who We Are

Get Set Hire Van

Equipment Hire for TV, Film and Photography

At Get Set Hire we have everything and anything you could possibly need for your TV or film production: from Motorola radios to curtain systems, from dressing room mirrors to glass ovens, right down to paper roll and cleaning products. And it’s all under one roof. What does that mean for you? One telephone call, and everything’s sorted.

How it all began

Get Set Hire was created by former props master, Paul Miller. Having worked on TV commercials and film for over twenty years, Paul saw the need for a fast and reliable production hire company that could deliver all of the behind the scenes equipment, and those little bits and pieces every shoot needs, the same day or next day and with as much helpfulness as possible.

From our first job for Channel 4 back in 2012, Get Set Hire’s driving ambition has been to help make your shoot or event go as smoothly as we possibly can.

On your team

We’re really flexible because we understand that when it comes to TV and film shoots, timings and requirements are changing all the time. We know that sometimes you need something, right now. And we’re happy to make it happen for you. The Get Set Hire team is incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to production shoots, so we’re always able to find solutions and workarounds. We’re on your side and here to make your life easier.

Get Set Hire food styling equipment

Specialist props

Responding to our clients’ needs has helped push us to create some useful food styling solutions. Our mobile washing up sink, with hot and cold water, is a winner for those big food shoots. While our pizza wand, with its lengthy ‘filmography’, has been responsible for many a beautiful bubbling cheese shot. Our other popular practical props include a glass oven, perfect for a time-lapse cooking shot, and a super smooth motorised turntable.

Balancing profit with people and planet

We’re Albert accredited suppliers. That means we’re always working hard to reduce the TV and film industry’s impact on the environment, as well as reducing our own carbon footprint. Read our Sustainability Policy to find out how we’re doing this.

Get Set Hire is a real Living Wage employer, which means we’re committed to paying above the real living wage because we value all our employees and the incredible work that they do. Take a look at What We Value for more information.

Fern leaf in a forest

Our Sustainability Policy

As part of Get Set Hire’s sustainability policy, we power our warehouse with renewable energy and we’re always on the lookout for more sustainable alternatives to current industry norms. We’ve worked with AdGreen to develop and supply sustainable products. And we’re Albert accredited suppliers, who work closely with BAFTA to progress the cause for zero carbon film and TV production. 

We were the first in the industry to supply Ram Board, a recycled and sustainable temporary floor protection. And we provide water coolers instead of individual water bottles, which have helped stop over 300,000 plastic water bottles from going in the bin. 

We recommend sustainable power solutions like VOLTstack. And we supply 100% compostable paper cups, reusable pin boards for story boards instead of polystyrene sheets, eco-friendly grass protection mats and reusable copper-infused face masks which reduce COVID-19 transmission and can be washed and worn again.