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  • Motorola GP340 Radio Hire

    Motorola GP340 Radios

    Analogue two-way walkie talkie

  • Flip Chair-0

    Flip Chair

    Ideal for crowd or crew

  • Rain Tent (Standard)-0

    Rain Tent – Standard

    3 x 3m Black or White

  • Rain Tent (Large)-0

    Rain Tent – Large

    3 x 6 m Black or White

  • Rain Tent (Medium)-0

    Rain Tent – Medium

    3 x 4.5 m Black or White

  • Rain Tent Heater (Triple Arm)-0

    Rain Tent Heater (Triple-arm)

    Keeping things toasty!

  • Grass Protection Mat-0

    Grass Protection Mat

    36 x 36 inches

  • Standard Trestle Table-0

    Standard Trestle Table

    6ft Lifetime

  • Bose Speaker-0

    Bose Speaker

    SoundTouch 20

  • Red Rad Rhino Heater

    An industry icon

  • Ceramic Heater-0

    Ceramic Heater

    Indoor electric heater

  • Indoor Location Mats

    Indoor Location Mats

    1.15m x 1.75m dust control mat

  • Indoor Location Matting Runner-0

    Indoor Location Matting Runner

    0.85 x 1.8 m

  • Small Trestle Table-0

    Small Trestle Table

    4 x 2 ft trestle

  • Beach Cart (Light)

    Make life easier

  • Beach Cart

    Make life easier.

  • Cabinet Heater-0

    Cabinet Heater

    Butane-powered heater

  • Centre Folding Trestle Table

    Collapse, fold & go!

  • 3kW Fan Heater-0

    Fan Heater

    Small but mighty

  • Space Heater Hire

    Space Heater

    Large volume portable gas heater

  • Air Con Unit (Large)

    High powered aircon

  • Evaporative Cooler

    Easy to set up: add water and plug it in

  • Floor Fan-0

    Floor Fan

    A heatwave necessity