Catering Supplies for a Photo Shoot

Photo shoots can be all day affairs, so you’ll need plenty of coffee on hand to keep the energy levels up and everyone hydrated. You may need to think about hiring catering tables too as you’ll need somewhere to put all those plates of sushi.

At Get Set Hire, we rent all kinds of catering supplies for photo shoots including, of course, Nespresso coffee pods. But take a look at our catering-sized Grind coffee pods too. They’re compatible with Nespresso machines and they’re fully compostable, which means they’re kinder to the planet.  

To hire catering supplies for a photo shoot, call us, email us, or order through the website. Get in touch.

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  • Nespresso Pods-0

    Nespresso Pods

    Box of 10 pods

  • Nespresso Coffee Machine-0

    Nespresso Coffee Machine

    Includes Milk Frother

  • Grind – Compostable Pods – House Blend

    Pack of 10 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible.

  • Grind – Compostable Pods – Decaf Blend

    Pack of 10 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible 

  • Water Cooler-0

    Water Cooler (Table Top)

    Your eco-friendly water supply

  • Microwave Oven-0

    Microwave Oven

    34 cm turn table

  • Hot Water Urn Hire

    Hot Water Urn

    30 litre portable hot water urn

  • Standard Trestle Table-0

    Standard Trestle Table

    6ft Lifetime

  • Cool Box

    Large cool box with wheels

  • Table Cloths-0

    Table Cloths

    Available in black and white

  • Adjustable Height Trestle Table-0

    Adjustable Height Trestle Table

    3 different heights

  • Centre Folding Trestle Table

    Collapse, fold & go!

  • Stainless Steel Trestle Table-0

    Stainless Steel Trestle Table

    2 sizes available!

  • Pop Up Bin-0

    Pop Up Bin