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Art Department and Special Effects Supplies

Hire art department and special effects supplies with same day and next day delivery available, including packing crates, beach carts and handheld leaf blowers to ladders, apple boxes and exterior smoke machines.


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  • Rubber Matting-0

    Rubber Matting

    Ideal for laying over small cables

  • Camouflage Tarpaulin-0

    Camouflage Tarpaulin

    3.5 x 5.4 m

  • Blue Tarpaulin-0

    Blue Tarpaulin

    3.6 x 5.4 m

  • Studio Fan-0

    SFX Studio Fan

    Variable Speed

  • SFX Small Studio Fan

    For consistently good hair days

  • Motorised Turn Table-0

    Motorised Turn Table

    Smooth vari-speed

  • Lite Deck 4' x 4'-0

    Lite Deck 4′ x 4′

    A popular high performance decking system.

  • Black Bolton Twill (10m)-0

    Black Bolton (10 metres)

    10 meters of fabric.

  • Black Bolton Twill (50m)-0

    Black Bolton (50 metres)

    50 meters of fabric.

  • Furniture Blanket-0

    Furniture Blanket

    Protect your kit while on the road

  • Pressure Sprayer-0

    Pressure Sprayer

    7 litre capacity

  • Sash Cord-0

    Sash Cord

    10 metres

  • Clear 50mm Tape-0

    Tape – Clear Tape 2″

    Nothing fancy, just good tape

  • Tape – Parcel

    2" x 66m

  • Clear Recycling Bags

    100% recycled

  • EcoNatural Paper Roll-0

    EcoNatural Roll

    The non-blue roll

  • SFX Bubble Machine-0

    Bubble Machine

    Go on, you know you want it

  • Extractor Fan-0

    Rhino Fume Extractor Fan

    2 x 4.5 m hose included

  • Submersible Pump & 20m hose-0

    Submersible Pump

    Pump with tube float

  • Turn Table-0

    Turn Table (not motorised)


  • Artem Exterior Smoke Machine-0

    Artem Exterior Smoke Machine

    High smoke output

  • Air Raid Fan-0

    Air Raid Fan

    50 cm diameter fan

  • Hand Held Blower-0

    Hand Held Blower

    Lightweight and rechargable

  • Petrol Leaf Blower-0

    Petrol Leaf Blower Stihl

    Powerful and easy to use

  • Wet 'n' Dry Vacuum-0

    Wet ‘n’ Dry VAC

    Powerful 2.4kW

  • Dust Sheets-0

    Dust Sheets

    3.6 x 2.4 m

  • Car Skates-0

    Car Skates

    4 x hydraulic car jacks