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  • Rain Tent (Standard)-0

    Rain Tent – Standard

    3 x 3m Black or White

  • Rain Tent (Large)-0

    Rain Tent – Large

    3 x 6 m Black or White

  • Rain Tent (Medium)-0

    Rain Tent – Medium

    3 x 4.5 m Black or White

  • Rain Tent Heater (Triple Arm)-0

    Rain Tent Heater (Triple-arm)

    Keeping things toasty!

  • Rain Tent Light-0

    Rain Tent Light

    Keeping things bright (and not breezy)

  • Grass Protection Mat-0

    Grass Protection Mat

    36 x 36 inches

  • High Vis Vest -0

    Hi Vis Vest

    Safety on the streets

  • “Caution Filming” Sign

    May cause curious spectators

  • Traffic Cone -0

    Traffic Cone

    Heavy duty & lightweight options available

  • Golf Umbrella-0

    Golf Umbrella

    1.30m diameter

  • Camera Umbrella-0

    Camera Umbrella

    2.2 m diameter!

  • Beach Cart (Light)

    Make life easier

  • Beach Cart

    Make life easier.

  • Barrier Mesh & Pins-0

    Barrier Mesh

    1 x 50 m

  • Hazard Tape-0

    Tape – Hazard Tape 2″

    Tough & adhesive

  • Wet Floor Hazard Warning Sign-0

    Wet Floor Hazard Warning Sign

    Bright Yellow

  • Rubber Matting-0

    Rubber Matting

    Ideal for laying over small cables

  • Rain Tent (Extra Small)-0

    Rain Tent – Extra Small

    1.5 x 1.5m White

  • Cable Ramp-0

    Cable Ramp

    Instant cable protection

  • De-Icing Salt 20kg-0

    De-icing Salt

    Clear the snow and ice

  • Pedal Bin

    Hands-free rubbish disposal

  • Recycling Bin-0

    Recycling Bins (Twin)

    Meeting your recycling needs

  • Pop Up Bin-0

    Pop Up Bin


  • Waste Bins-0

    Black Bin

    For waste that can't be recycled