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Production Equipment Hire

Production equipment hire for all kinds of productions from TV commercials, drama and entertainment to film productions, photoshoots and events. These pages list our entire range of equipment and products. Need something urgently? We can deliver today. Got a problem? We’ll find a workaround. Get in touch.

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  • Indoor Location Matting Runner-0

    Indoor Location Matting Runner

    0.85 x 1.5 m

  • Carpet Protector-0

    Carpet Protector

    60 cm x 50 m Roll

  • Packing Crate-0

    Packing Crate

    Taking your kit from A to B since day one

  • Bubble Wrap-0

    Bubble Wrap

    75cm x 100m

  • 8 Rung Combination Ladder-0

    Zarges Ladder – 8 rung

    Combination Ladder

  • Story Board/Pin Board

    Story Board/Pin Board

    120h x 150w cm

  • 12 Rung Combination Ladder-0

    Zarges Ladder – 12 rung

    Combination Ladder

  • Laptop Stand-0

    Laptop Stand

    For work on the fly

  • Three Tread Step Ladder-0

    Step Ladder (3 Step)

    Reach height roughly 2 m

  • Ecoblast Rechargeable Air Horn-0

    Air Horn (Eco Blast)

    115 dB

  • Five Tread Step Ladder-0

    Step Ladder (5 Step)

    Reach height roughly 2.3 m

  • “Caution Filming” Sign

    May cause curious spectators

  • Step Ladder (8 Step)

    Reach height roughly 3.15 m

  • Camera Tape-0

    Camera Tape

    Handy on-set tape

  • Hand Held Microphone-0

    Handheld Microphone

    For Motorola GP340 Radios

  • Small Trestle Table-0

    Small Trestle Table

    4 x 2 ft trestle

  • SUNStack™ Folding Solar Panel – Compatible with VOLTStack

    200W Folding Solar Kit

  • SUNStack™ Solar Panel – Compatible with VOLTStack

    300W Standing Solar Kit

  • VOLTstack 5kw

    VOLTstack 5kw

    The Sustainable Power Solution

  • Posing Stool

    Adjustable height

  • VOLTstack 2kw

    The Sustainable Power Solution

  • Battery Power Pack-0

    Battery Power Pack

    Power on the go

  • Petrol Generator - 5kW-0

    Petrol Generator – 5 kW

    5.5kW maximum load

  • Petrol Generator - 2kW-0

    Petrol Generator – 2kW

    2 kW maximum load

  • Drum Extension Lead-0

    Drum Extension Lead

    25 m cable

  • 4-Way Extension Lead 2m-0

    4-Way Extension Lead

    2m Length

  • Posing Table-0

    Posing Table

    Adjustable Height

  • Professional Dust Mask-0

    Professional Dust Mask


  • First Aid kit-0

    First Aid Kit

    Standard HSE First Aid Kit

  • Fire Extinguisher - CO2-0

    Fire Extinguisher – CO2

    2 kg

  • Fire Extinguishers – Powder


  • Fire Extinguisher - Wet Chemical-0

    Fire Extinguisher – Wet Chemical

    3 ltr