Radios & Communications

Radio Communication Equipment Hire for TV and Film Shoots

To keep things on schedule, good communication between crew members is essential. And that means fast, reliable two-way radios, handheld microphones, radio headsets and PA systems.


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  • Motorola GP340's-0

    Motorola GP340 Radios

    The people's champion

  • Covert Head Set-0


    D-Shape earpieces also available

  • Loud Hailer-0

    Loudhailer with Handheld Microphone

    For those who need to be heard

  • Mobile Wifi Router

    Unlimited Data

  • *NEW* PA System (Denon)

    200 w output

  • Bose Speaker-0

    Bose Speaker

    SoundTouch 20

  • Open Mic Headset-0

    Headset Microphone and Beltpack

    Set of 4

  • Story Board/Pin Board-0

    Story Board/Pin Board

    120h x 150w cm

  • Laptop Stand-0

    Laptop Stand

    For work on the fly

  • Ecoblast Rechargeable Air Horn-0

    Air Horn (Eco Blast)

    115 dB

  • “Caution Filming” Sign

    May cause curious spectators

  • Camera Tape-0

    Camera Tape

    Handy on-set tape

  • Hand Held Microphone-0

    Handheld Microphone

    For Motorola GP340 Radios

  • Lightweight Radio Headset

    Ideal for constant use and hands free communications.