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  • Nespresso Coffee Machine-0

    Nespresso Coffee Machine

    Includes Milk Frother

  • Grind – Compostable Pods – House Blend (10 pack)

    Pack of 10 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible.

  • Grind – Decaf Compostable Pods

    Tin of 20 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible.

  • Grind – Black Blend Compostable Pods

    Tin of 20 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible. The Black Blend is designed to work best without milk.

  • Nespresso Pods-0

    Nespresso Pods

    Box of 10 pods

  • Sanitiser Spray (STERI 7)

    Multipurpose disinfectant

  • Blue Roll (x6 Pack)-0

    Blue Roll (6 pack)

    High quality 3 Ply

  • Blue Roll-0

    Blue Roll

    Singular Roll.

  • Water Cooler-0

    Water Cooler (Table Top)

    Your eco-friendly water supply

  • Microwave Oven-0

    Microwave Oven

    34 cm turn table

  • Hot Water Urn-0

    Hot Water Urn

    30 litre capacity

  • Standard Trestle Table-0

    Standard Trestle Table

    6ft Lifetime

  • Cool Box-0

    Cool Box

    Large cool box with wheels

  • Toaster 4 Slot

    2 & 4 slice available

  • Paper Cups (50 pack)-0

    Paper Cups

    100% compostable

  • Drinks Fridge-0

    Drinks Fridge

    Green room drinks fridge

  • Milk Flask-0

    Milk Flask

    1.5 ltr Insulated Flask

  • Mini Drinks Fridge-0

    Mini Drinks Fridge

    Perfect for client areas

  • Pump Flask-0

    Pump Flask

    5.0 litre pump action dispenser

  • Cafetiere

    Serves 8 cups, 1 litre

  • Pedal Bin

    Hands-free rubbish disposal

  • Recycling Bin-0

    Recycling Bins (Twin)

    Meeting your recycling needs

  • Pop Up Bin-0

    Pop Up Bin


  • Waste Bins-0

    Black Bin

    For waste that can't be recycled