Shoot Essentials

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  • Motorola GP340's-0

    Motorola GP340 Radios

    The people's champion

  • Covert Head Set-0


    D-Shape earpieces also available

  • Directors Chair-0

    Directors Chair

    Folds for easy travel and storage.

  • Loud Hailer-0

    Loudhailer with Handheld Microphone

    For those who need to be heard

  • Tall Directors Chair-0

    Tall Directors Chair

    Also ideal for make-up artists.

  • Flip Chair-0

    Flip Chair

    Ideal for crowd or crew

  • Mobile Wifi Router

    Unlimited Data

  • Disposable overall-0

    Overall – Large

    Type 5/6 PPE

  • Nespresso Pods-0

    Nespresso Pods

    Box of 10 pods

  • Rain Tent (Standard)-0

    Rain Tent – Standard

    3 x 3m Black or White

  • Signpost-0

    Signage Post (A4)

    A4 portrait or landscape

  • Safety Post-0

    Barrier Post

    For cordoning off areas

  • Crowd Barrier-0

    Crowd control Barriers

    Chapter 8

  • Nespresso Coffee Machine-0

    Nespresso Coffee Machine

    Includes Milk Frother

  • Grind – Compostable Pods – House Blend (10 pack)

    Pack of 10 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible.

  • Grind – Decaf Compostable Pods

    Tin of 20 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible.

  • Grind – Black Blend Compostable Pods

    Tin of 20 pods. Nespresso® Machine compatible. The Black Blend is designed to work best without milk.

  • Rain Tent Heater (Triple Arm)-0

    Rain Tent Heater (Triple-arm)

    Keeping things toasty!

  • Sanitiser Spray (STERI 7)

    Multipurpose disinfectant

  • Blue Roll (x6 Pack)-0

    Blue Roll (6 pack)

    High quality 3 Ply

  • Blue Roll-0

    Blue Roll

    Singular Roll.

  • Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    Pack of 100. 

  • Tape – Barrier Tape 2″


  • Water Cooler-0

    Water Cooler (Table Top)

    Your eco-friendly water supply