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  • Rain Tent Light-0

    Rain Tent Light

    Keeping things bright (and not breezy)

  • Tower Pro 360 Floodlight w 3.5m stand

    Diffused lenses for shadow-free light

  • Solaris Pro ( K9 type )

    Up to 48 hour battery life

  • K9 Battery Light-0

    K9 Battery Light

    Includes charger

  • Galaxy Pro (Mini – K9 type)

    Adjustable light angle to suit any needs

  • Double Head Work Light-0

    Twin Head Halogen Work Light

    2 x 30 w lights

  • Defender Work Light-0

    Defender Work Light

    All-round lighting solution

  • Single Head Work Light-0

    Single Head LED work light

    12 w LED light

  • Desk Lamp-0

    Desk Lamp

    Colours: Red/White/Black

  • LED Bench Worklight -0

    LED Bench Work light

    Floor or Table