Personal Safety Wear

PPE Equipment for COVID-19

Did you know that all PPE equipment for COVID-19 must meet HSE regulations? And that FFP2 masks aren’t classified as PPE unless they have a CE marking and an EU type examination certificate? We’ve seen a lot of fake certificates that look legitimate, so it’s always worth double checking.


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  • FFP2 CE Certified Face Mask (Individual)

    Category III PPE

  • Black FFP2 Certified Face Mask (Individual)

    Category III PPE

  • Copper Infused Face Mask

    Sustainable FFP2, washable and reusable.

  • Face Mask (10 x Surgical Type II)

    Pack of 10 surgical masks

  • Thermometer

    Non contact, Infra red

  • Lightweight Face Visor

    Pop up face shield

  • Disposable overall-0

    Overall – Large

    Type 5/6 PPE

  • Nitrile Disposable Gloves

    Pack of 100. 

  • Plastic Apron

    Inexpensive yet effective.

  • Safety Glasses-0

    Safety Glasses


  • Shoe Covers

    Pack of 100