Special FX

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  • Glass Oven-0

    Glass Oven

    Time lapse heaven!

  • Judo Mat-0

    Judo Mat

    4 cm thickness

  • Crash Mat-0

    Crash Mat

    8ft x 4ft x 1ft

  • Chin / Arm Rest-0

    Chin / Arm rest

    Fits most types of grip stands

  • Studio Fan-0

    Studio Fan

    Variable Speed

  • Hair Fan

    For consistently good hair days

  • Motorised Turn Table-0

    Motorised Turn Table

    Smooth vari-speed

  • Lite Deck 4' x 4'-0

    Lite Deck 4′ x 4′

    A popular high performance decking system.

  • SFX Bubble Machine-0

    Bubble Machine

    Go on, you know you want it

  • Extractor Fan-0

    Rhino Fume Extractor Fan

    2 x 4.5 m hose included

  • Submersible Pump & 20m hose-0

    Submersible Pump

    Pump with tube float

  • Turn Table-0

    Turn Table (not motorised)


  • Artem Exterior Smoke Machine-0

    Artem Exterior Smoke Machine

    High smoke output

  • Air Raid Fan-0

    Air Raid Fan

    50 cm diameter fan

  • Hand Held Blower-0

    Hand Held Blower

    Lightweight and rechargable

  • Petrol Leaf Blower-0

    Petrol Leaf Blower Stihl

    Powerful and easy to use

  • Car Skates-0

    Car Skates

    4 x hydraulic car jacks