COVID Risk Assessment


The safety of our staff and customers is of paramount importance and Get Set Hire has implemented new working and sanitisation regimes to help combat the threat of the Coronavirus Pandemic. This COVID risk assessment has been written in line with the ‘Working safely during coronavirus (COVID-19)’ document published 11th May 2020. At Get Set Hire we understand that we have an important role to play in helping stop the spread of the Coronavirus and will undertake all necessary measures to help prevent the spread of the disease. This risk assessment is kept under regular review.

Who is at risk: All

Controls in place:

PART 1 – Person to person transmission

Stopping the virus entering the warehouse and office:

  • Reduce staff on site to the minimum required and utilise working from home as much as possible
  • All staff to self-test temperature every morning before leaving home
  • Staff must follow the Government rules on self-isolation if they or a member of their household displays symptoms.
  • Couriers or other visitors are not allowed in the building
  • Anyone symptomatic will not be allowed to enter the building
  • All staff will wash hands on arrival to work
  • All staff will wear clean clothes every day
  • All staff will self-certify that they have not come into contact with anyone with symptoms in the previous 14 day period
  • Our own designated delivery drivers will not be allowed to circulate within the warehouse
  • Staff are encouraged not to use public transport

Reducing direct person to person contact within the workplace:

  • Implementation of a zoning system within the warehouse to reduce the movement of people whilst at work including the use of screening where appropriate
  • All personnel to keep 2 meters apart wherever possible
  • Where workers need to work in pairs then as far as possible the same pairings will be used under a ‘Buddy System’
  • Social distancing reminder signage will be used throughout the building
  • Reorganised office workspace to allow for social distancing
  • All meetings to be held in the virtual space wherever possible
  • Shared staff areas to be limited use and arranged to facilitate social distancing
  • Face masks, overalls and visors will be available to all workers and mandatory for workers who need to work closely together

Reducing indirect person to person contact within the workplace:

  • All zones within the building will have access to hand washing and hand sanitising facilities
  • Designated team member to remind staff to regularly wash hands supported by reminder signage used throughout the building
  • Regular cleaning regime for all touch points like door handles and light switches
  • Regular intensive sanitisation procedure in place with special attention paid to high touch points

Discovered cases of symptomatic personnel:

  • If a person becomes symptomatic whilst at work, they will be asked to return home to self-isolate and a deep clean of all the areas they have been working will be performed
  • All internal and external recent contacts will be notified of the event
  • All recent internal Get Set Hire contacts will self-isolate for 7 days

Reducing transmission on deliveries:

  • Drivers to wear clean gloves for each new location
  • Reduction of the number of jobs on each van to allow for clear separation of deliveries and collections within the van
  • Drivers to thoroughly hand sanitise in between each delivery
  • Drivers to wear face masks at every location
  • Drivers have completed a COVID-19 pandemic awareness and correct use of PPE courses

PART 2 Transmission from contaminated equipment

General guidance

  • Warehouse workflow allows for separate clean and ‘dirty’ areas to eliminate cross contamination
  • Regular intensive sanitisation procedure in place with special attention paid to high touch points
  • Allow a minimum of 72 hours between hires wherever possible as a standard extra precaution
  • Date stamping of the cleaning process to be used where products can be wrapped or boxed to verify the last date the item was touched

Extra precautions for 2 Way Radios and coverts:

  • All radios and coverts to undergo a careful sanitation clean
  • Radios and Coverts to be date stamped when repackaged to allow 72 hours down time where possible

PART 3 Oversight failure

Designated COVID-19 appointed supervisors whose duties include:

  • Keeping up to date with the relevant advice and altering this risk assessment as required
  • Ensuring company-wide compliance with this advice and company COVID-19 protocols