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Additional services

Delivery & Collection We offer a helpful and cost effective 24/7 delivery service. Prices vary according to the time, the day and the location so get in touch with your specific details and we will be happy to give you an accurate quote. You are of course free to arrange transportation yourself all we ask is that our gear is properly protected with blankets and tie offs.

Storage We offer long and short term storage solutions right next door to Black Island Studios, please call for details. We can also accept product deliveries on your behalf, including chilled or frozen food, which we can then deliver to set for you when it's needed.

Mobile Kitchen At Get Set Hire we can provide your Food Stylist's with various solutions when they need a kitchen on location. Click here or call the office for further details on our Mobile Kitchen.

Shoot Essentials Checklist   Here is a handy checklist of popular items, remeber there is a lot more on this website but this list will help make sure nothing is missed!

Go Green!  With the help of AdGreen we have created this list of greener alternatives to some of our products and some advice on how to make your shoot greener.


  • Ram Board – Made from 100% recycled card this is a credible alternative to Correx; it's especially quick for covering large areas. Order with its own 100% recyclable seam tape.


  • Water Coolers – Hire a water cooler for your tea table and each 19 litre water bottle will eliminate the need for 38 “single use” plastic bottles on your shoot! PM’s often order one pack of bottles and then insist the crew refill their named bottle throughout the shoot.


  • Paper Cups & Glassware – Go one step further and eliminate the need for any plastic bottle waste by using either of these options.


  • Pin Board – We all know that every piece of polystyrene is going to outlast humanity by a bizzilion years, try and use just one less sheet on your shoot by hiring a reusable pin board for your story board.


  • Grass Protection Mats – How do you protect the grass under that agency rain tent in the back garden? Correx or tarpaulin end up in the waste pile at the end of the shoot. Grass protection mats come back to GSH to be hosed down and sent out again and again.


  • Separate Waste Bins – Every shoot is unique and will have its own method for disposing of its waste at the end of the day. One thing is certain though; whatever goes in a black bag goes straight into a landfill. Give your waste the chance of being recycled by separating the clean plastic and paper into clear plastic bags. We can supply a double bin set and the signage to help crew determine what goes where.


  • Nespresso Recycling – Did you know you can return your used Nespresso Pods to us for reclying? Just pop them in the bag that comes with your machine.